The Wrekin

The Wrekin (pronounced ‘Reekin’) is the hill which keeps watch over Wellington and the surrounding area. Known to the Welsh as ‘Caer Gwrygon’, it is visible from all over Shropshire and many other places besides, rising as it does to 1300 feet above sea level. Home to an Iron Age hillfort, a royal hunting forest and even industrial activity at different times in its history, the history of The Wrekin is like a potted history of Shropshire – and no trip to the county is complete without paying a visit.

The Wrekin and its smaller sister,The Ercall (pronounced ‘Arkall’) stand just south of Wellington, a short drive or a thirty minute walk from the centre of town. An iconic presence in the Shropshire landscape, The Wrekin marks the start of the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Although not the county’s highest peak, its isolation makes it one of the best places to survey Shropshire from above – indeed few English hills can promise such vistas for such a relatively short climb.

Most people reach the summit via the main path, known to some as The Pilgrim’s Way. This is the quickest and easiest way to get up and down, but there are many tracks up, over and around The Wrekin and The Ercall, including through its dense ancient woodlands and reclaimed quarries. For a range of Wrekin walking and cycling trails, click here.